eGo 650 mAh Joyetech Battery

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Genuine Joyetech

Replacement/spare eGo 650 mAh batteries.

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Available in black

5 Click On/Off Function:

Press the button on the ego 5 times to turn the battery on/off.

Features Full Voltage Mode:

While the battery is in off mode, press the button down for 5-7 seconds. The battery will flash orange meaning that when you turn the battery on, you will be operating at the full voltage the battery is capable of, this will vary as the battery loses charge. With the battery off hold the button down again for 5-7 seconds it will flash white meaning next time you turn it on you will be operating at the standard constant 3.3V

eGo/eGo-T/eGo-C compatible

21 day warranty applies

1 review for eGo 650 mAh Joyetech Battery

  1. cclague

    Super long battery life on these. Recommended.

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