306 Atomizer LR (1.8 ohms)

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Replacement/spare low resistance (LR) 306 atomizer (1.8 ohms).

The 306 Low Resistance Atomizer delivers great vapor and flavor when using a 3.7v high capacity battery such as an eGo style battery. Also great for 3.7v MODs with a 510 connection.

Not recommended for use with standard 510 batteries. Works best on eGo style batteries and MODS with a 510 connection.

Manufactured by Bauway.

24 hr D.O.A. warranty applies.

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How to Use a 306 Atomizer and Drip Tip
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4 reviews for 306 Atomizer LR (1.8 ohms)

  1. Arturio

    Kick a$$ atomizer! Lots of vapor and awesome flavor!

  2. LemonVapor (verified owner)

    Really incredible. AP sent me one after having several frustrating experiences with tank attys. This little dude is a winner! It will definitely blow your socks off for flavor and vapor quality. I have built up quite a collection of VapeBig flavors and this allows one to not only switch back and fourth, but also experiment with mixing up flavors. Butterscotch with blackberry… Who knew? Make your own flavored coffee or try mixing up fruit flavors.

    Any amount of hassle dripping a bit here and there is far outweighed in variety and fun. In addition to ordering a drip tip, be sure to ask for a few little empty bottles to tote your flavors around.

  3. troho (verified owner)

    This one will spoil you. So much flavor and vape, I honestly did not truly know the flavor of my e-liquid until I tried this atty out! If you can deal with the inconvenience of dripping every so often, with the benefit of added flavor, vape quality, and throat hit, then this is the one for you! And yes, as the reviewer above said, you will need a drip tip as well.

  4. crewsrobbie (verified owner)

    The 306 low res drip tip is great for variety. Unlike the dual coil or mega atty that has cotton and holds on to flavors, the 306 doesn’t. Drip whatever liquid you like, vape it, switch to a different liquid if you like. The low resistance gives you a nice throat hit and great amount of vapor. Don’t forget to get a drip tip with this!

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